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2.4G Wireless Camera

wireless digital camera,Video camera,surveillance,security systems,cheap low cost shenzhen China

We are the manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. the camera is high quantity but low cost:
Technical Details
2.4G Color Wireless Camera with Receiver
Monitor up to 4 different cameras
Portable, Flexible and Easy to Install
Product Description
2.4G wireless color camera and receiver (with remote control) that can provide a variety of solutions for you. You can monitor your sleeping baby, or monitor kids at play, or keep an eye on your warehouse or store, - the applications are unlimited.

2.4GHz Wireless security camera & recording system, Range up to 400 ft, color
USE Every Where
Office Buildings
Parking Lots
This Version is Night Vision, can link to your AV or link to the PC through USB, record to your PC's Hard drive via USB connection. Designed for your home safety

Low cost: 23USD/pcs
we have kinds of wireless camera, you can send email to us for requestion.

Note: Receiver must be connected to your PC to use DVR function

Transmits color video and audio signals from the camera to your TV, Monitor or PC
4 channel selectable frequency available to avoid interference
built-in microphone
16 IR(infrared) LED for Night Vision capabilities
range up to 400'
Receiver / USB DVR
fast USB 2.0 Data transfer
connect to your T.V.,monitor and / or computer
30 frames/sec recording speed
MPEG-4 compression
remote Monitoring via internet
built-in motion detection
schedule recording
remotely record and store images on your computer hard drive
receiver must be connected to your PC to use DVR functions

wireless digital camera,Video camera,surveillance,security systems,cheap low cost shenzhen China

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When shopping for a camera, you will want to consider the range of motion and zooming capabilities depending on what you will be monitoring with your camera. You will also want to consider whether to purchase a conical or flat lens camera. Conical lenses are easier to install in drywall or ceiling tile, whereas flat lenses work better on clothing or behind very thin surfaces.

The type of receiver you select will depend mainly on how you wish to capture and view images from your wireless spy camera. Choosing a receiver that connects directly to a computer will certainly give you greater flexibility such as remote access and viewing options.

If you already own a hardwired video surveillance camera, you can easily convert it to a wireless spy camera simply by purchasing a transmitter, receiver, and power supply. Most hardwired cameras interchange easily with this wireless technology.
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16 years strong. MarBil was established in 1992. We are becoming a major supplier of surveillance equipment in the US and Abroad. Wireless video surveillance for indoor or outdoor use, wireless security cameras for your office or home, hidden cameras concealed in everyday items, we have it. Whatever your security needs are, we probably have it or we can custom build it. We also offer long-range wireless transmitters, receivers, and digital-motion activated infrared cameras. DVR cards and digital video recorders are in our lineup as well. All of our products are high quality and simple to use. We also have phone recorders and wireless hidden nanny cams.

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Our innovative products embed surveillance capabilities into everyday household items. Wireless hidden cameras don't need to be awkward or unwieldy. We even offer a device for you to perform home or office surveillance from anywhere through your computer. We offer Digital Video Recorders and DVR cards which allows independent configuration of each camera to activate recording when motion is detected. It can record and display multiple cameras simultaneously from a remote location or from the unit site itself. Remote video surveillance is a category all in itself.











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Portable DVR - 40GB w/Up to 120GB HDD, Time Date Display/Playback,Motion, Scheduling

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Our price: $449.95

Portable DVR - Extra Slim Video & Audio Recorder, Built-in Cam, Up to 33hrs storage

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Covert Camera DVR - Color Pen w/Digital Video Recorder, Portable Unit

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Our price: $199.95

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Portable DVR Kit - Button & Sunglass Cmos w/DVR 128MB + 1GB, (Cam Power by DVR)

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Our price: $499.95

Portable DVR Kit - TREO DVR w/Button CMOS Cam, 32MB up to 1GB, (Cam Power by DVR)

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Our price: $399.95

4ch Triplex Stand Alone DVR w/USB backup, VGA & Remote Viewing & Remote Control

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Our price: $499.95

Spysonic: Keeping You Safe with Our DVR Cameras and Security Systems
Spysonic is a leading source of reliable security and surveillance security system.

In an industry such as ours, we know that success can only be achieved by showing utmost dedication to our clients. They entrust the safety of their homes, businesses and organizations to our products.In return, we ensure that, whether they need a simple covert outdoor security camera or an elaborate DVR security system, they get the best equipment at the lowest possible cost.

First Class Products
At Spysonic, we always ensure that the quality of our products is unquestionable and that our product line-up is kept up-to-date. We know how important it is for our clients to get the best and the latest in surveillance technology, and we are here to make sure that they do. Among the products we offer are:

•Bullet security camera

•wireless security camera systems

•digital audio recorders

All products sold on this site are intended for legal use only. Marbil Enterprises, Inc. shall in no way be responsible or liable for any illegal use of such products. It is the buyers responsibility to abide by all local, state and federal laws. According to United States codes phone surveillance equipment and digital phone recorders should not be used in a surreptitious manner. Please contact your local, state, or federal authorities if you are not sure whether you are breaking the law.

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Video surveillance made easy with a wireless spy camera
July 31, 2005
By: Lynn Bryant

There are a growing number of people today turning to video surveillance technology to achieve the piece of mind of a higher level of safety and security. With all of the great new technology on the market, achieving this added protection is much easier than you might think. For example, using a wireless spy camera can make the surveillance job simple and easy and can give you the added protection you desire. Utilizing a wireless spy camera will also save you the headache and high cost of installation that comes with traditional hardwired models.

There are four basic components to consider when shopping for a wireless spy camera. These include the camera, transmitter, receiver, and power supply. The transmitter is connected to the camera,

Maybe your desire is simply to effectively monitor the security of your home or pets while you are away. Or, you may have more of a need to ensure the safety of property at your home or business. Whatever, the reason, considering the use of a wireless spy camera for video surveillance will give you a good return on your investment.

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wireless digital camera,Video camera,surveillance,security systems,cheap low cost shenzhen China