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2.4G Wireless Camera

2.4G wireless camera,digital camera,internet video camera system,security surveillance,network aplication, low cost made in China


We are the manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. the camera is high quantity but low cost:
Technical Details
2.4G Color Wireless Camera with Receiver
Monitor up to 4 different cameras
Portable, Flexible and Easy to Install
Product Description
2.4G wireless color camera and receiver (with remote control) that can provide a variety of solutions for you. You can monitor your sleeping baby, or monitor kids at play, or keep an eye on your warehouse or store, - the applications are unlimited.

2.4GHz Wireless security camera & recording system, Range up to 400 ft, color
USE Every Where
Office Buildings
Parking Lots
This Version is Night Vision, can link to your AV or link to the PC through USB, record to your PC's Hard drive via USB connection. Designed for your home safety

we have kinds of wireless camera, you can send email to us for requestion. About 23USD/pcs
Design for: internet camera wireless
Description: network camera / wireless ip camera
wireless network camera / 2.4G wireless camera
Design for: wireless camera phone
Description: security surveillance application, 200m
wireless digital camera / security surveillance
Design for: wireless camera outdoor
Description: Long distance camera,500-5000m
surveillance camera / video security
Design for: wireless camera system
Description: panasonic wireless camera
wireless camera monitor
Design for: wireless home security camera
Description: spy wireless camera
video surveillance / video security
Design for: wireless camera 802.11
Description: spy wireless camera
camera security system wireless

Note: Receiver must be connected to your PC to use DVR function

Transmits color video and audio signals from the camera to your TV, Monitor or PC
4 channel selectable frequency available to avoid interference
built-in microphone
16 IR(infrared) LED for Night Vision capabilities
range up to 400'
Receiver / USB DVR
fast USB 2.0 Data transfer
connect to your T.V.,monitor and / or computer
30 frames/sec recording speed
MPEG-4 compression
remote Monitoring via internet
built-in motion detection
schedule recording
remotely record and store images on your computer hard drive
receiver must be connected to your PC to use DVR functions

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2.4G wireless camera,digital camera,internet video camera system,security surveillance,network aplication,low cost made in China